Achievements of students

MD-PhD前期コース学生が筆頭著者の論文 Undergraduate students (MD-PhD course)

1) Hioki K, Ito Y, Oya N, Nakayama SF, Isobe T, Ebara T, Shibata K, Nishikawa N, Nakai K, Kamida T, Ueyama J, Sugiura-Ogasawara M, Kamijima M. Intra-individual variations of organophosphate pesticide metabolite concentrations in repeatedly collected urine samples from pregnant women in Japan. Environ Health Prev Med 24: 7 (2019)
2) Noro Y, Tomizawa M, Ito Y, Suzuki H, Abe K, Kamijima M. Anticholinesterase insecticide action at the endocannabinoid system eliciting spermatotoxicity. Bioorg Med Chem Lett 23: 5434-5436 (2013)

修士課程学生が筆頭著者の論文 Graduate students (Master course)

1) Oya N, Ito Y, Hioki K, Asai Y, Aoi A, Sugiura Y, Ueyama J, Oguri T, Kato S, Ebara T, Kamijima M. Quantitative analysis of organophosphate insecticide metabolites in urine extracted from disposable diapers of toddlers in Japan. Int J Hygiene Environ Health 220: 209-216 (2017)
2) Yamamoto K, Matsuda F, Matsukawa T, Yamamoto N, Ishii K, Kurihara T, Yamada S, Matsuki T, Kamijima M, Ebara T. Identifying characteristics of indicators of sedentary behavior using objective measurements. J Occup Health 62(1): e12089 (2020)
3)Development of a strategic approach for comprehensive detection of organophosphate pesticide metabolites in urine: Extrapolation of cadusafos and prothiofos metabolomics data of mice to humans. Nomasa K, Oya N, Ito Y, Terajima T, Nishino T, Mohanto NC, Sato H, Tomizawa M, Kamijima M.J Occup Health. 2021 Jan;63(1):e12218. doi: 10.1002/1348-9585.12218.PMID: 33779022


博士課程学生が筆頭著者の論文 Graduate students (PhD course)

1) Oya N, Ito Y, Ebara T, Kato S, Ueyama J, Aoi A, Nomasa K, Sato H, Matsuki T, Sugiura-Ogasawara M, Saitoh S, Kamijima M. Cumulative exposure assessment of neonicotinoids and an investigation into their intake-related factors in young children in Japan. Sci Total Environ, in press
2) Oya N, Ito Y, Ebara T, Kato S, Hioki K, Aoi A, Ueyama J, Oguri T, Shoji N, Sugiura-Ogasawara M, Saitoh S, Kamijima M. Exposure levels of organophosphate pesticides in Japanese diapered children: Contributions of exposure-related behaviors and mothers’ considerations of food selection and preparation. Environ Int 134: 105294 (2020)
3) Oya N, Ito Y, Kamijima M. Organophosphorus insecticide dichlorvos inhibits fatty acid amide hydrolase in the male reproductive organs of rats. Fundam Toxicol Sci 4: 201-205 (2017)
4) Sato H, Ito Y, Ueyama J, Kano Y, Arakawa T, Gotoh M, Kondo T, Sugiura Y, Saito I, Shibata E, Kamijima M. Effects of Paraoxonase 1 gene polymorphisms on organophosphate insecticide metabolism in Japanese pest control workers. J Occup Health 58:56-65 (2016)

大学院研究生が筆頭著者の論文 Graduate research students

1) Wakayama T, Ito Y, Sakai K, Miyake M, Shibata E, Ohno H, Kamijima M. Comprehensive review of 2-ethyl-1-hexanol as an indoor air pollutant. J Occup Health 61(1): 19-35 (2019)
2) Suzuki H, Ito Y, Noro Y, Koketsu M, Kamijima M, Tomizawa M. Organophosphate agents induce plasma hypertriglyceridemia in mouse via single or dual inhibition of the endocannabinoid hydrolyzing enzyme(s). Toxicol Lett 225: 153-157 (2014)
3) Suzuki H, Tomizawa M, Ito Y, Abe K, Noro Y, Kamijima M. A potential target for organophosphate insecticides leading to spermatotoxicity. J Agric Food Chem 61: 9961-9965 (2013)