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Inastuction to Authors
volume 45
Nakatsuka, M. et al. Posterior fossa arteriovenous fistula after guglielmi detachable coils embolization of ruptured vertebral artery dissecting aneurysm : a case report. 45:1(2001)
Isaka, M. et al. Comparison of systemic and mucosal responses of mice to aluminium-adsorbed diphtheria toxoid between intranasal administration and subcutaneous injection. 45:5(2001)
Kawaguchi, H. et al. IL-12 and IL-10 released from peripheral blood mononuclear cells in sarcoidosis is associated with differential modulation of B7-1 (CD80) and B7-2 (CD86)45:17(2001)
Shibata, Y. et al. Functional analysis of ATBF1, a multiple-homeodomain zinc finger protein, using lung cancer cell line A549. 45:31(2001)
Tomiyama, H. et al. Effect of joint immobilization on postnatal development of chondrocytes in rat knee joints. 45:89(2002)
Mizuno, K. et al.Complex partial status epilepticus in two patients with tuberous sclerosis. 45:105(2002
Hayashi, Y. et al. reflux in contralateral ureter after successful correction of unilateral vesicouretaral reflux. 45:113(2002)
Takagi, S. et al. Epitope analysis of the Japanese cypress pollen major allergen, Cha o 1, recognized by a human T cell clone. 45:121(2002)
Cheng, J. et al. Investigation of post-transcriptional events of the thyroglobulin in the thyroid gland of the hypothyroid growth-retarded mouse DW/J-grt. 45:133(2002)
Yamada, E. et al.Accumulation of hippocampal cholinergic neurostimulating peptide (HCNP) precursor protein in muscle fibers in inclusion-body myositis. 45:145(2002)
Maeda, S. et al. MUC1 mucin directly binds to tissue culture plates and Is detectable with antibody to MUC1 core protein. 45:159(2002)
Tsuchida, K. et al. Indications of endoscopic resection for minimally submucosa-invasive colorectal carcinoma: Analysis of 330 early colorectal carcinoma lesions. 45:171(2002)

volume 44
Horiuchi, O. et al.Functional changes of rat synovial lining cells with postnatal development. 44:1(2000)
Yaldiz, M. et al.Nephrogenic adenoma of the bladder: a case report. 44:13(2000)
Soran, A. et al.Effect of cholecystectomy on duodenogastric reflux, gastric mucosa and serum gastrin level. 44:19(2000)
Nakatsuka, M. et al.Subarachnoid hemorrhage induces apoptosis-related genes in the rat brain. 44:27(2000)
Taki, H. et al.Expression of p21 mRNA after transient focal cerebral ischemia. 44:39(2000)
Hosokawa, M.Two distinct HRF20 (CD59) genes in mice. 44:51(2000)
Uzumal, AK. et al.A case report of adenomatoid tumor accompanying with seminoma. 44:59(2000)
Sahin, HG. et al.Hyperemesis and Helicobacter pylori. 44:65(2000)
Yamaguchi, N. et al.Comparison of nitrogen dioxide production during inhaled nitric oxide therapy with high frequency oscillatory ventilation and intermittent mandatory ventilation. 44:73(2000)
Wang, HJ.Immunoelectron microscopic study for the influence of LH-RH by interconnected fulliculo-stellate cells. 44:81(2000)
Hara, M. et al.An alternative scanning protocol to eliminate perivenous streak artifacts in thoracic spiral computed tomography: The usefulness of ankle vein contrast injection. 44:93(2000)
Sato, N. et al.Incorporation of foreign body particles following injury in immature rat articular cartilage. 44:109(2000)
Gungor, T. et al.The role of color doppler ultrasonography in the characterization of ovarian malignancy. 44:125(2000)
Sahin, HG. et al.Risk factors for the high prevalence of HELLP Syndrome and the outcome . 44:145(2000)
Yanagisono, T et al. An immunohistochemical study of LH-RH and S-100 protein in the hypothalamus and the pars tuberalis of the anterior pituitary gland. 44:153(2001)
Yamada, E. et al. Immunohistochemical and ultrastructural study of the rat anterior pituitary gland conduction of information of LH-RH by the folliculo-stellate cells 44:173(2001)
Harman, M. et al. A case of polyarteritis nodosa associated with familial mediterranean fever. 44;187(2001)
Zhao, L. et al. Liver regeneration following partial hepatectomy in the subtotal pancreatic duct ligation rat model. 44;193(2001)

volume 43
Miura, Y. et al. TBE, or not TBE; that is the question: Beneficial usage of tris-borate for obtaining a higher resolution of small DNA fragments by agarose gel electrophoresis. 43:1 (1999)
Cureoglu, S. v The comparison of dialysis types' effects of hearing acuity and ABR findings in patients with chronic renal failure. 43:27 (1999)
Matsubayashi, T. et al. Inhibition of myogenic differentiation by delta-notch signaling pathway. 43:35 (1999)
Bayhan, G. et al. Evaluation of the placental lipid peroxides, glutahion peroxides activities and their relationship with serum lipoproteins in preeclampic and eclamptic pregnencies. 43:53 (1999)
Cogankara, V. et al. Circulatin protei-Z reactive versus primary thrombocytosisi and in ITP. 43:65 (1999)
Yamada, Y. et al. Immature stage of intracelular Cl- homeostasis by cation-Cl- contransporters in rat neocortical neurons. 43:179(2000)
Obata, K.Human mast cell degranullation mediated by immune complexes during anaphylasis. 43:191(2000)
Bayhan, G. et al. HELLP syndrome: 7 years' experience from one referral center in south-eastern furkey. 43:205(2000)
Kanematsu, T. et al. The study of a polypeotide encoded from a putative open reading frame in the negative strand of GB virus C/hepatitis G virus. 43:215(2000)
Mizutani, J. et al. Inter-cellular communicaitions in the rat dorsal root ganglia.43:223(2000)

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