Department of Immunology
Nagoya City University 
Grduate School of Medical Sciences

Nagoya Immunology Network in NCU

The first internationl symposium

March 11th, 2019

Nagoya City University Hospital

・Poster presentation: e-mail information (title of poster, authors, institution and abstract)
 (Late breaking abstract deadline: Mar. 1st, 2019)

・No attendance fee, but registration is required: e-mail  information (name, title, institution)

Nagoya Imunology Network 2019 Agenda,  PDF version click here!!

3/11に国際シンポジウムNagoya Immunology Network in NCUが開催され、盛会のもと終了することが出来ました。開催に向け御協力いただきました関係各機関の皆様、並びに、御参加をいただいた先生方に心より感謝を申しあげます。