International Exchange

No.06 Experience in Nagoya City University Hospital Mingyu Kang

I am medical student from Hallym University in Korea. I participated the clinical practice & study program of neurosurgery department in Nagoya City University, Japan. The duration was 4 weeks (2014.07.07~2014.08.01) and it was unforgettable time of my life. I could take part in not only clinical practice in NCU hospital but also can make many friends and experience Japanese culture.

While I studied many subjects in medical school, I was interested in neuroscience and especially wanted to know more about neurosurgical field. That`s why I applied neurosurgery department. I couldn't wait because of my expectancy about Japan's medical power.

During 4 weeks, I could experience a lot of things about neurosurgery. I had an opportunity to not only observe an operation but also participate in. There were also some interventions for either diagnosis or treatment daily. In addition, I had a chance to present one case per week in front of many professors. I was nervous and worried about that, but I realized that I was advancing and developing my presentation skill every week. There were always staffs who helped, taught, and encouraged me. Besides, I was invited to 'endovascular & bypass' conference held by NCU neurosurgery department. Many neurosurgeons from other regions including Tokyo came to that conference. And I was impressed with the presentation and discussion which they made.

From this clerkship, my dream to be a neurosurgeon increases. I got a good impression about neurosurgeon for 4weeks. I think neurosurgeon can feel worth and rewarded to save life. It's very fulfilling and valuable work. I appreciate all people in NCU neurosurgery department for their hospitality and help. And I'm especially grateful for professor Yamada & Okura for their generous teaching and kindness. In addition, NCU Medical School lent me dormitory(Japanese 'Tatami room'!!) and bicycle(for free!!!). Thanks to these help, I could adapt to life in Nagoya easily.

I was lucky to have a chance for this program. I appreciate NCU Medical School for allowing me to participate clinical practice. I will recommend this program to juniors in my college without hesitation!