The Center of Aichi Unit of the JECS / research Center of Mother-and-Child Health and the Enviroment


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Why were Ichinomiya City and Kita Ward in Nagoya selected as the Study areas?
A.Firstly, they are both typical urban areas. Secondly, there are many permanent residents in both areas. Thirdly, the child delivery rate is comparatively high in both areas. Fourthly, the system of collaboration among medical institutions, local goverments, and the JECS Aichi can be built up there. Considering these four factors, the two areas were selected as the areas from which the most optimum Study results Could be attained.

Q.Are the Study participants required to take any medication or receive anything for mental pain?
A.This study will collect information on participants just as they are. Please do not worry since participants are neither required to take any medicine nor suffer any pain.

Q.What if a participant decides to end their participation in the Study?
A.A participant can leave the Study at any time. Upon the demand, any personal identifying information will be deleted.

Q.Is there any inconvenience for staying away from the Study?
A.Staying away from the Study has no disadvantages. Everyone is

Q.What shall a participant do if the child grows up and refuse to participate in the Study?
A.When the child grows up and understand what the JECS is then the JECS Aichi will give the child an opportunity to confirm whether he/she would like to continue to participate in the Study or not. Please do not worry about this.

Q.What if a participant is worried about the length of continued participation in the Study of thirteen years?
A.Participants will be asked to answer questions every six months after the delivery and to send them back by via mail. The JECS Aichi will continuously keep in touch with participants throughout the Study by regularly providing newsletters and information concerning the Study progress. Please do not worry about the Study's long continuity.

Q.Will the Study cause any ill affects to the participant child?
A.Please make sure that everyone can participate in the Study without any harm, however, the Study items consist of questionmaires and biologic samples, like blood and urine, of which pregnant women are generally given during the examinations in their pregnancy checkups.

Q.Are the medical sheets subject to the examination data used in the Study?
A.Yes. Ad for the Study's necessary items, the JECS will need to transfer some information preserved in medical sheets, maternity record books, and school health records to the Study's database.

Q.Will the participant's privacy be protected?
A.Participants' personal information and their bio specimen data will be stored and treated with the utmost attention of the Study staff members. No one can identify which bio specimen belongs to which person because this data will be classified by ananonymous number (anonymization in a linkable fashion).

Q.Will the Study results be sent individually to each participant?
A.Parts of the Study results will be sent individually to each participant. However, most of the Study results cannot be sent promptly because a long time is required to analyze most Study elements, such as environmental chemicals. The whole Study's results will be announced on web pages and in newsletters after having analyzed all of the data.

Q.If one wants to invite pregnant friends living outside of Ichinomiya City and Kita Ward in Nagoya to the Study, would it be possible for them to participate?
A.Unfortunately, women living outside of the target areas cannot participate in the Study. However, they are invited to join in the events that the JECS Aichi holds. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Q.What happens if a participant relocates outside of the Study area?
A.It is the JECS Aichi who will decide if the participant will be able to continue to participate in the Study in their new location. Please call the JECS Aichi to notify them of any plans to move. When the JECS Aichi has trouble getting in touch with the participant, please allow the Study staff to inquire from the local government to view the administrative documents, such as a certificate of residence, via legal procedures.