The Center of Aichi Unit of the JECS / research Center of Mother-and-Child Health and the Enviroment

Study Methods

Recruitment and Data Collection Methods


Study Period

Examinations start when mothers are pregnant, and after delivery children will be followed until they reach age 13.

What are the participants required to do? (Schedule)

In the JECS, a wide variety of items, including blood, urine, chemicals in hair, life-style (diet, exercise, family environment, etc.), and records of children's development and illnesses, will be examined.

■After explaining what the JECS is and obtaining informed consent, JECS recruiting staff will ask participants to answer the questionnaire about chemicals, such as medicine they take, their smoking and eating habits, their medical histor, and so on. Then, ato prenatal health chek-ups, the mothers'blood and urine samples will be collected, which will later be examined for chemical substances in the body. Since these sample collections are, in principle, conducted as part of a routine check-up at prenatal visits, participants will not have any additional burden.

■Mother will be asked to provide blood and urine samples and to answer the questionnaire at the early and mid-to-late stages of their pregnancy.

■Mothers will then be asked to provide an umbilical cord blood sample at delivery, and hair and breast milk samples after delivery.

■As for babies, a filter-paper blood sample will be collected a few days after birth and about two snips of hair at their 1-month health check-up.

■Fathers will be asked to provide a blood sample and answer the questionnaire at their convenience before their baby's birth (voluntary basis).

■The JECS will ask participants to answer a questionnaire every 6 month until children reach 13 years of age.

Participants selected for further study

■The JECS will conduct a further detailed study on some enrolled participants; the JECS will randomly select these participants from those who have agreed in advance to join the further study. Some environmental measurements (collection of indoor air and dust, etc.) and interviews (examination of psychoneurological development) will be carried out.

■With the approval of the Ministry of the Environment, some research items unique to the JECS Aichi are included in the JECS. JECS staff will explain them when recruiting participants.